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One of the great joys of my life is to help my clients get beyond the restrictive confinement of stuck life patterns and move into enjoying deep fulfillment in their lives -- honoring their gifts, connecting to their authentic power, and treasuring the best that intimate relationship

has to offer.

Flowing from my decades of devoted personal growth and countless coaching hours, I’ve come to recognize certain patterns in human consciousness. Each of us seems to be born with a particular constellation of life experiences that often set us up both for the early childhood adoption of a false narrative about ourselves and our world - and a yearning for greater authentic expression (to be truly known by ourselves and those around us).


Fortunately, we are wired to dissolve the illusion of our conditioning and steadily awaken to our authentic, loving nature. For men and women audacious enough to make a move supporting their greater awakening, it is often in finding a trusted ally, an intimate partner on their journey, who can hold a safe container and offer gentle support for transformation to occur. This can be a most wise and self-honoring step.​​

In over 17 years of coaching clients, I’ve discovered many universal insights about being human and the awakening/transformation process:


  • Each of us have an essential wholeness and authentic self

  • False narratives bought into for survival in our childhood can be leveraged as portals for connecting to the freedom of the authentic self

  • We all have innate gifts, and we are wired to fulfill our sense of inner calling to honor our gifts and be of meaningful service to the world

  • Extending empathy to ourselves - and by extension those around us--is fundamental to allowing the grandeur of our authentic self to blossom

  • Our authentic power emerges most fully when we integrate honoring the needs of those around us with as much care as our own 

My professional background includes a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology, as well as certification as a Soul-Centered Professional Life Coach from the University of Santa Monica. I’ve designed and facilitated group programs for both men and women through my Embracing Authentic Masculinity and Embracing Authentic Living programs. I’m currently prepping a new online program for today’s Spiritual Warrior. I work with clients both individually as well as in couples. I’ve also worked with parents and their young adult children in support of developing self-reliance and independence.


Personally, I’ve been happily married for 20 years to my beloved spiritual partner and wife, and we have two beautiful daughters - with family being a primary focus of our life’s joy and fulfillment. I’m a great appreciator of almost all things creative. The innate gifts and crafts that folks develop and channel into creative offerings moves and endlessly delights me.


I also have a childlike enthusiasm for the learning process.  My formative years were profoundly influenced by immersion in a Japanese full-contact karate system, in which I became one of my teacher's first black-belts. My younger daughter has special needs which makes her a master teacher for me. It’s both a privilege and a joy to be simultaneously her father and her student.


I enjoy a deeply soul-nourishing daily meditation practice. My spiritual practices are the foundation of my life and provide balance, guidance and inspiration. As the photos on this site suggest, I’m a lifelong lover of nature and the way it seems to generously nourish and invite connection to my own sense of spaciousness, expansion and authenticity. I have a keen interest in people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and enjoy long-term relationships with friends from around the world.


Currently, I'm delighting in my most recent creative endeavor - learning electric guitar. My daily evolving guitar skills and the unfolding step-by-step process of discovery and emerging competence, I find both humbling and thrilling.

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