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One-On-One Coaching

My essential nature - nurtured by the influence of years of martial arts, acting professionally, and 20 plus years of marriage - contributes to my signature style, characterized by intuition and meeting my clients with a spirit of collaboration that contributes to a sense of deep safety in the sacred container of our work together. I have a gentle way of meeting my clients with empathy, deep calm and joy that is both healing as well as empowering in moving heartfelt dreams forward into manifestation.


Clients typically come to me through referral when they’ve come to a meaningful turning point in their lives. There’s often a sense of readiness to take new action in service to fulfilling heartfelt dreams… and healing resolution to the inner obstacles that have up until now stood in the way.


Questions I often ask those considering working with me are:

  • Are you experiencing a yearning to spread your wings and discover more of your capacity to really soar in life?

  • Are you tired of making concessions to limiting patterns that no longer serve?

  • Do you have a sense that your natural gifts and talents have ripened to be used for a greater purpose and contribution?

  • Are you thirsty for a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and your loved ones?

  • Are you aware of an emerging new season of your life calling for your care?

  • Would you like steady support in successfully navigating beyond any resistance you may have in negotiating this passage into your own authentic leadership and creative expression in the world?


I typically begin work with new clients by having an initial 90 minute session. By the end of that session, we’ll both have a sense of whether or not it’s a good fit for us to explore continued work together. At that time, we can talk about how that might look. I characteristically work with a small group of core clients once a week, with a minimum 3-month commitment, secured by retainer.

I work with clients from around the world via phone and video teleconference. The transformational success of our work together is based upon each of our courageous

commitment to your successfully unfolding process.

If you have any questions, I welcome hearing from you at (310) 562-3052.




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