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“Gregory has an authentic warmth and openness that truly set me at ease as a client. During our work together, his wide range of knowledge and insightful support assisted me in accessing and moving through some very challenging issues and feelings I was facing. I was heartened to have the rare opportunity to engage in an unflinchingly honest exploration of ideas and feelings with a man whom I also respect as a fellow devoted father. Our work together was immensely helpful in clarifying my true priorities both as a father and as a therapist, and facilitated me being able to move forward with a greater sense of ease and regained trust in my instincts.”                   

~ Paul Gutrecht, LMFT

   Los Angeles,CA

“Dr. Ron Hulnick, founding faculty and Co-Director of the University of Santa Monica, recommended Gregory to me when I was suffering the greatest anguish of my life, because I believe he knew Gregory was no stranger to what I was going through and was capable of offering me seasoned support. From our very first phone session it was clear that beyond any judgements, beliefs, or ideas of right and wrong, Gregory's only interest was in what was best for me. Because he championed for my best interests so resolutely and consistently in a way that I had long forgotten to do, I began to learn how to champion myself. This is the greatest gift he gave to me, along with the safe and nurturing space he provided for me to explore what that meant. And he was valuing every word I said, teaching me through example how valuable and precious I am, and how deeply I deserve to be heard. It was a gift that keeps giving. I highly recommend you give this invaluable gift to yourself.”

~ Aubrie Woods, Life Coach & Photographer, 

    Ojai, CA

"Gregory is an answer to a prayer of witness. In our sessions, he held a loving, generative space to help move through destructive feelings of betrayal. He lovingly and firmly guided me back to self love and spiritual healing. He is gifted, and I am grateful he is sharing his beautiful spirit in service to guiding others into the blessing of self love."

~ Alicia Elkort

“After every session with Gregory, I feel lighter and more grounded. He has a wonderful ability to hold space for any moment and to listen deeply for what my heart is wanting to express (even when I don’t have the words). His focused, honest, and heart-centered spiritual guidance and coaching have impacted my life in profound ways.” 

~ Robby Swope

“For me, receiving Gregory's insightful and compassionate support as my coach is like receiving a nourishing blood transfusion. It's pure oxygen without the tank or oxygen bar. His own authentic vulnerability and tenderness in the sanctuary of the coaching context mirrors and models for me the deeper dimensions of masculinity that I recognize as my own true power. In the 25 plus years I've known Gregory, his kindness and realness have always touched my heart and inspired me to rise to my highest. Men like Gregory redefine masculinity and help usher forward the deep self-honoring and richness of all we can be as men — connected to our hearts, willing to be seen and committed to being of service." 

~ Ty Granderson Jones


    Los Angeles, CA

“My experience in working with Gregory Vahanian as a life coach is nothing short of inspiring. He listens deeply and with his whole heart and soul. He’s very attuned and in the present moment with me. His skill at facilitating access to intuition and deeply held values is remarkable. He has helped me to unearth a new life focus with great ease and dexterity. Gregory brings great joy and aliveness into his work and into his world. I participated in his recent group offering, "Embracing Authentic Masculinity", and found it to be a very positive and inspiring experience. The experience helped to renew my connection to deeply held values as both a gentle and loving man. Gregory embodies those shared values both in his program design and in his group leadership. I feel blessed to know Gregory both professionally and as a friend.” 

 ~ Kane Phelps, MFT 

    Pacific Palisades, CA

"Gregory Vahanian is a rare and gifted practitioner who simultaneously reads the human spirit and helps people naturally connect to their unique soul's path.  His intuition is spot on and illuminating in a way that incisively cuts through the mind's chatter of negative ego and judgment that attempts to pull individuals into their former stuck patterning. From my very first coaching session with Gregory, he made an invaluable contribution to my process by helping me cut to the chase and devise a manageable, achievable set of goals.  It doesn't make any difference the letters after a person's name, it matters what they add in value in the human interaction between two spirits. I will be forever grateful for the times that I have had the privilege to deeply connect with Gregory and receive his wealth of loving and expertise." 

~ Barry Bruder

   ICP Founder & President,

   ASIS Certified Provider,

   Neurofeedback Specialist

“Gregory Vahanian has a caring presence that creates a profound sense of safety. He helped guide me to a focused path of genuine, sustained outer success. Life coaching with Gregory has a value that doesn’t have a price.   It is an experience that changed my life for the better. The qualities that I appreciated the most about Gregory were his wise and warm demeanor and dedicated persistence to help me find out what it is that I needed as an individual. The thing that really stuck with me and that was most impactful about the work that I did with Gregory was that he helped me unearth myself from having been “stuck“ in my life for many years. He helped the wheels and gears in me to move again in a genuine and sustained way. As a truly inspired coach who knows and breathes transformation, Gregory is one of the best of the best.” 

~ David S. Zimmerman

   DSZ Productions

   Los Angeles

“In my empowering work with Gregory I released a ton of painful baggage and moved into profound forgiveness surrounding a previous business disappointment and the marriage difficulties associated with it. Gregory's skillful, seasoned support then helped me move forward with an infusion of fresh energy into my new enterprise that is now enjoying sustained success. Coaching with Gregory reminds me that everything in life is connected. His capability and steady care, which inspired me into a full restoration of my creativity and effectiveness, is top drawer.” 

~ Scott JT Frank

   Writer/Gold Miner

   Los Angeles, CA

"As a member of the Optimist Club of Pacific Palisades, California, I was fortunate to be in the audience to hear the club’s invited guest Gregory Vahanian speak on his program Embracing Mature Masculinity. Gregory brought an inspirational injection of energy and wise perspective along with a keen sense of humor. He acknowledged some of the more traditional ideas of masculinity and then took us through a process that allowed each of us to appreciate distinctive qualities we’ve come to embody as men. Gregory openly shared his and his family’s significant challenges as part of his journey as a man and spoke to the extraordinary growth that can come from life’s suffering. Our audience being primarily male and family oriented, I can’t tell you how refreshing and insightful it was to speak to the theme of embracing mature masculinity — a much-needed and central focus in today’s world. Gregory Vahanian is a most worthwhile speaker that I highly recommend for your organization." 

~ Arnie Wishnick

   Executive Director

   Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce

"I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Gregory Vahanian and discovered his Embracing Authentic Masculinity program. Gregory brought an authentic presence and was totally there for me and the whole group. A major value was spending sacred time together with other men exploring central men’s themes like power and control. Gregory offered a real time experience of getting past old patterns and tapping into our own deep inner guidance."                                                   

~ James Owen, Attorney

    Pacific Palisades, CA

"Reflecting on my experience of with the Embracing Authentic Masculinity program, I’m reminded how seldom it seems men are brought together to openly share their thoughts and feelings with other men, in such a genuine and rewarding way. Gregory has a keen understanding of the challenges facing men today and brings wisdom and seasoned experience that is refreshing and quite thought provoking! Gregory’s invitational facilitation style encourages men to explore their depth and connect more fully with their authentic power in a safe and compassionate setting." 

~ Eric Guthman, CMT,

   Body Restoration by Eric

   Los Angeles, CA 

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