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Transformational workshops, experiential in nature, are designed and facilitated with care to support each participant's opportunity for deep personal revelation, healing and empowerment.  Originally offered in small group gatherings in-person, these programs will soon be available in an online format. Feel free to contact me if interested in a workshop.

"Gregory Vahanian's EAM Program has nourished my soul, my connection to my life purpose and awakening my consciousness. I've found myself enjoying greater depth, authenticity and honoring in all my relationships. One of the core values from my 8-week experience is the meaningful way service has now taken a central focus in my life moving forward.


 Gregory's a naturally gifted facilitator with a clear vision while being flexible. He has an inspiring ability to lead the group in ways that are both assured and vulnerable. He's a teacher who knows how to be a student. I value Gregory's wisdom and leadership in courageously guiding the group to greater insight and deeper understanding of what it means to be a man. "

~ Grinnell Morris

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"Reflecting on my experience of with the Embracing Authentic Masculinity program, I’m reminded how seldom it seems men are brought together to openly share their thoughts and feelings with other men, in such a genuine and rewarding way. 


Gregory has a keen understanding of the challenges facing men today and brings wisdom and seasoned experience that is refreshing and quite thought provoking! Gregory’s invitational facilitation style encourages men to explore their depth and connect more fully with their authentic power in a safe and compassionate setting." 

~ Eric Guthman, CMT,

   Body Restoration by Eric

   Los Angeles, CA 

"...He has helped me to unearth a new life focus with great ease and dexterity. Gregory brings great joy and aliveness into his work and into his world. I participated in his recent group offering, "Embracing Authentic Masculinity", and found it to be a very positive and inspiring experience. The experience helped to renew my connection to deeply held values as both a gentle and loving man.


Gregory embodies those shared values both in his program design and in his group leadership. I feel blessed to know Gregory both professionally and as a friend.” 

 ~ Kane Phelps, MFT 

    Pacific Palisades, CA

"Gregory’s groundbreaking program for men & women, Embracing Authentic Living, highly benefits not only those who are privileged to participate, but has an empowering impact upon all who are in their lives. He is a highly skilled, loving and compassionate facilitator who pours his heart into everything he does.


I have also had the privilege of serving alongside Gregory in The Freedom to Choose prison service project. I found his presence and intimate participation with the courageous men in this program to be deeply authentic and liberating.  I highly recommend Gregory and his work.”

~ Clara Naum, M.A., Executive Coach

    Author of “The Real Meaning of the F Word:

    Forgiveness as a Path To Freedom

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